Bulk material

Bulk material sale – wholesale

Bulk material sale – wholesale


Bulk materials are a key component of EXPOL TRADE business focus.

In 2013 we started to trade these products – which had been only available on a retail basis at our warehouses – on a wholesale level. We anticipate sales of 90,000 ton of these materials for 2014.

Utex - Terra Sp. z o.o., a Polish company, became our key partner for this commodity, which supplies the following fractions from its Bieńkowice deposit: 0/2, 0/4, 0/16, 2/8, 4/8 ,8/16, 16/32, 16/45.


For more information contact a business representative:

Zdeněk Onderka
Mobile: +420 602 554 868
E-mail: zdenek.onderka@expoltrade.cz


Bulk construction materials – Šenov at Nový Jičín

Sands – backfill, mortar, plaster (Závada and Bzenec - Přívoz locations)
Gravel sands – all grain fractions from Tovačov, Hulín, Hustopeče, Bieńkowice
Crushed stone – all grain fractions from Jakubčovice and Hrabůvka
Decorative stone and pea gravel – all grain fractions, import from the Slovak Republic


Mgr. Miroslav Tardon
Tel.: +420 556 713 491
Fax: +420 556 709 019
Mobile: +420 602 725 732
E-mail: miroslav.tardon@expoltrade.cz


Bulk construction materials – Krnov

Sorted sand – mortar, plaster; non-sorted – backfill (Závada Sand Quarry) 
Washed river gravel sand – for concrete work (Olomouc Gravel Sand Plant – Grygov and Mohelnice Sand Quarry)
Crushed stone serving as an under-layer under tiles, landscaping, for backfills (CR stone quarries – Kobylí, Valšov, Bohučovice)
Decorative pea gravel, garden stone (Olomouc Gravel Sand Plant, Mohelnice Sand Quarry)
Decorative stone (ADT Kamenivo)
Fractions for individual materials are available at warehouse websites.
We provide for deliveries of large volume of material using a trailer directly to the destination.


Jarmila Kučeráková
Tel:+420 603 290 743
E-mail: jarmila.kucerakova@expoltrade.cz

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About EXPOL TRADE, s.r.o.

EXPOL TRADE, s.r.o. has an exclusive potion within the EXPOL group and has been a key solid fuel trader for years. Every year, it sells hundreds of thousands of tons of solid fuels – coal, coke and briquettes of various types.

It owns fourteen coal warehouses located primarily in Bruntal and Novy Jicin regions.
Deliveries of fuel to large energy and industrial plants located both in the CR and abroad.

Since 1991, foreign trade has been the key business activity of the EXPOL group.

In 2004, a real estate division was established. Its main focus was on trading apartments and family homes. The real estate agency is based in Ostrava.
We would like to invite you to visit our website. If you are interested in working with use, we are ready.

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