Coke and coke-chemical products


EXPOL TRADE, s.r.o. ranks among significant coke importers and sellers in the Czech Republic.
We provide highly quality coke from Polish, Czech and Slovak coking plant to our customers operating in the manufacturing of construction materials, metallurgy, sugar, chemical and energy industries in the countries both within and outside EU.

We sell coke from the following coking plants:

Debiensko, Jadwiga, Walbrzych, Zdzieszowice, Bytom

Arcelor Mittal Ostrava



Types of goods:

Types of goods:

Technology coke
Blast furnace coke 25-80 (40)
Pea coke 10-25 mm
Coke dust 0-10 mm
Foudry coke +60, +80, +100 mm
Heating coke
Coke - nut 2 20-40 mm
Coke - nut 1 40-60 mm
Coke - cube 40-80 mm
Heating coke mixture +40 mm


Coke-chemical products

EXPOL TRADE, s.r.o. also focuses on purchase and sale of coke-chemical products which originate during coke production for their subsequent processing in chemical industry.

Product range:

  • Benzene
  • Ammonium sulphate



For more information contact a business representative:

Ing. Stanislav Kosour
mobile: +420 724 039 998

About EXPOL TRADE, s.r.o.

EXPOL TRADE, s.r.o. has an exclusive potion within the EXPOL group and has been a key solid fuel trader for years. Every year, it sells hundreds of thousands of tons of solid fuels – coal, coke and briquettes of various types.

It owns fourteen coal warehouses located primarily in Bruntal and Novy Jicin regions.
Deliveries of fuel to large energy and industrial plants located both in the CR and abroad.

Since 1991, foreign trade has been the key business activity of the EXPOL group.

In 2004, a real estate division was established. Its main focus was on trading apartments and family homes. The real estate agency is based in Ostrava.
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