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Josef Kolesár
Tel.: +420 554 748 295
Mobile: +420 607 961 057
E-mail: josef.kolesar@expoltrade.cz

The Horní Benešov coal warehouse is located at Leskovská Street, at the exit from town in the direction of Leskovec nad Moravicí.

Warehouse opening hours:

Mon - Fri       07:00 AM -3:30 PM


Our products:


  • brown coal – exclusive supplier: Severočeské doly a.s., Bílina mine 

    • cube (40-100 mm) nut 1 (20-40 mm) nut 2 (10-20 mm)

  • black coal –  Poland

    • pieces (63-200 mm) cube (40-80 mm) nut (10-20 mm)

    • nut 2 (8-25 mm) nut 2 (8-31 mm)

    • anthracite (+40 mm)

  • coke – Poland

    • nut 1 (40-60 mm) nut 2 (20-40 mm) heating (+40 mm)

  • briquettes – Rekord, Germany (2“,4“,6“) packaged by 10 kg 

  • bagged goods: 25 kg (upon request)


Fuel is protected against the rain by tarpaulin.



  • barbeque briquettes 3 kg

  • wooden barbeque coal 3 kg

  • upon request:

    • packaged wooden briquettes, 10 kg (energohard, turbohard, rufhard, extralong-night)

    • wooden pellets packaged, 15 kg per package

    • beech wood 15 kg, kindling 6 kg




  • sale of propane-butane bottles 2kg, 10kg


The goods are delivered by Multikára, Avia and Liaz vehicles.

We weigh goods using a regularly calibrated scale.

Upon customer request we load goods using a loading machine also in small trailers.

About EXPOL TRADE, s.r.o.

EXPOL TRADE, s.r.o. has an exclusive potion within the EXPOL group and has been a key solid fuel trader for years. Every year, it sells hundreds of thousands of tons of solid fuels – coal, coke and briquettes of various types.

It owns fourteen coal warehouses located primarily in Bruntal and Novy Jicin regions.
Deliveries of fuel to large energy and industrial plants located both in the CR and abroad.

Since 1991, foreign trade has been the key business activity of the EXPOL group.

In 2004, a real estate division was established. Its main focus was on trading apartments and family homes. The real estate agency is based in Ostrava.
We would like to invite you to visit our website. If you are interested in working with use, we are ready.

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